Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Telemedicine Camps Conducted by TiaTech

This February Tiatech Health Technologies has collaborated with network partner Vodafone to introduce Hello Arogyam, a new health care program based in Kerala. On the 24th of February Karunardhram Mega Camp, a telemedicine camp, developed from this partnership, was organized at Chengannur, Kerala, with the support of the Indian Medical Association (IMA) and Magic, a Kerala-based NGO working with healthcare.

The camp was met with great success across patients and practitioners alike. Gastro-specialist Dr. Sunil Mathai demonstrated the effectiveness of TiaTele - TiaTech’s cutting edge telemedicine solution, by conducting over fifty consultations for patients in Chengannur remotely from his residence in Ernakulam. The camp was facilitated by Dr. Praveen – an active member of Magic, with support on first level clinical assessments for patients.

This was the second telehealth camp of its kind in Kerala, brought by the TiaTech-Vodafone partnership. Stay tuned to know more about our upcoming camp at Kainakari, Alappuzha!

Telemedicine Camp

We consulted over 50 patients in the camp. Dr. Sunil Mathai the Gastro specialist at Medical trust hospital, was a remote doctor consulted from Ernakulam at his residence. Dr. Praveen who is an active member of MagicNGO was the physician who consulted the first level and entered the clinical assessment for the patients. The patients and all crew at the camp were so excited about the technology.

In behalf of this, we have another camp at Kainakiri, Alappuzha.

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Best Hospital Management Software by TiaTech

What is a Hospital Management System Software?

A hospital management system software is a software or a system that is specially designed to manage the overall functioning of a hospital. It is specially designed to cater to the complex business requirements of a hospital, nursing home, and healthcare institutions in keeping track of inpatient, outpatient, doctor availability, medical billing, etc.

Hospital management system software

Why Hospital Management System Software?

  • Achieve good quality ratings
  • Better revenue management
  • Avoid errors and track every single detail
  • Improved clinical decision making
  • Improve data security
  • Establish your hospital as technically advanced

What are the Advantages of TiaTech’s Hospital Management Software Comparing with other HMS Software?

  • TiaNumR is supported by all web platforms (Cloud, Windows, MAC) and mobile platforms (Android, iOS). 
    Platforms supported by NumR
  • Salient features include :
    • Accounting integration
    • Appointment scheduling
    • Bed management
    • Claims management
    • In-patient management
    • Inventory management
    • Medical billing
    • Outpatient management
    • Patient records management
    • Physician management
    • Policy management
  • The software has a very good look and feel. 

    HMS Software
  • It is easy to use.
  • Secure and reliable.
  • Reduce the misuse of resources. 
  • Cost effective.
  • Telemedicine carts are also designed and integrated with the NuMR according to the customer demand. 
    Telemedicine cart
  • Medical practice management software, telemedicine cart, PACS software, and doctors’ applications are part of this software and are combined under one-roof to design a NuMR.
  • The support team is available for 24/7.
  • Online and offline support is provided according to the need of the customers.
  • Software training is provided in person, live online, webinars and also through documentation.

Monday, January 7, 2019

Telemedicine System

Technological development made advancement in the medical and healthcare fields also. The best and the most innovative example of this advancement is the "Telemedicine cart" or telemedicine system. Although it is known by most of the healthcare professionals, some are unaware of the technology. So let's look at the same.

Do you know what is Telemedicine System?

Telemedicine system or telemedicine cart is an innovative ecosystem that uses information technology and telecommunication technology to provide healthcare.

Telemedicine Cart

How healthcare is provided using the Telemedicine System?

A telemedicine system will make it easy for both patients and the doctors to connect each other in a very effective way. Telemedicine cart has all the facilities like high definition camera, digital stethoscope, digital thermometer, pulse oximeter, blood pressure checker and many other peripherals. The cart can be handled by a medical assistant or even by an attender. It is portable and can be easily moved to the patient destination. The patient can be consulted by more than one doctors by using the cart. The doctor can connect with the patient and can check the health variables by using the connected peripherals. Medications and procedures are referred by the doctor using the application in the telemedicine cart. The main thing for the cart to work smoothly is the need of a high-speed wi-fi connection. In some cases, to connect with the patient immediately some HMS companies are providing mobile applications along with the telemedicine system. TiaTech is one such company that provides telemedicine software along with the mobile application.

Telemedicine System

Advantage of Telemedicine System developed by TiaTech :

  • Telemedicine system developed by TiaTech is controlled by a web application known as “TiaMD Rapid Responz” and “Rapid Responz” mobile application is also available.
  • This cart developed by TiaTech can be integrated with any hospital management system.
  • It consists of a PACS system. ie, picture archiving and communication system.
  • Cart is connected with multiple peripherals like
    • VISCA Supported PTZ Camera
    • Littman 3200 Stethoscope
    • AND Blood Pressure Monitor (BLE)
    • Nonin Pulse Oximeter (BLE)
    • AND Thermometer (BLE)
    • AND Weighing Machine (BLE)
  • Molding of the cart is possible according to the business requirement. ie, for connecting 
    • Hospitals to hospitals
    • Hospital to small clinics and vice versa
    • Patients to doctors and vice versa
    • Doctors to doctors

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Sunday, June 3, 2018

Hospital Management System

A hospital management system is a coordinated data framework intended to deal with the clinical, money related and administrative parts of a clinic / hospital.

Hospital Management System

Main Modules of Hospital Management System:

The main modules of hospital management system are

Patient Management Module:

In-patient Management: System intended for registration of patients, maintaining appointments, emergency room setting, OPD etc..

Outpatient Management: A system for admission management, arrangement for the physician, arrangement for the patient, clinical outline, examination sheet, order preparation for medication, release discharge summary and more.

Ward Management Module: Module intended for ward management and resource scheduling according to the availability.

Bed Management:
Module intended for allocating the bed according to the availability and its deallocation.

Consultant Management Module:
Module intended to enhance the practice management of doctors and are also suggested by the government.

Treatment Management Module: Module intended to provide esteem based better care.

Nursing Management Module:
Computer-based data systems intended to help medical attendants and nurses to give better patient care

Medical Services Management Module:

OT Management: System with the cutting-edge capability to manage OT administration and synchronization.

Pharmacy Management: Designed to address the requests of a pharmacy division and enable pharmacists to monitor how medicine is utilized as a part of healing facilities.

Radiology Information System:
Systems mainstream for their capacity to give billing for radiology services, appointment booking and also storing patient database and reporting

Laboratory Information System: Systems intended for Registration, management of the contract, billing, accounts receivables, work list, handling, processing and detailed reporting, Quality control, generation of bar-code, reading & printing, assembled bi-directional interfaces with hardware

Cardiology Information System: System with Ready HL7 interface or packaged with PACS and In-fabricated Interface to Tally or packaged with Tally

Material Management Module: System intended for Item master upkeep and maintenance of non-medical and medical items

Pathology Management Module:
Intended to address the requirements of pathology department and help in the arrangement of appointments, analytic or diagnostic tests and report generation

Billing Management: Systems intended to manage the bills and other financial management.

Is it better to use a Hospital Management System for managing the workflow of a Hospital?

Well, It is better to use one complete solution. But none of them seems to be a complete one. I will recommend you to go for a Hospital Management System only after getting some customization done.

One of the most reliable Hospital Management Software System available in the market today is made by TiaTech Health Technologies. It is an integrated end-to-end ERP encompassing the modules like Information Desk, Patient Registration, Bed & Ward Management, Admission, Transfer & Discharge, Casualty & Emergency Management, Patient Care Module, Consulting Appointment Management, Outpatient & Inpatient Management, Pharmacy Module, Laboratory Module, Radiology/Medical Information System, Operating Room Module, Interface Modules, Service Order Processing, Blood Bank Module, Dietary Module, Cashier Module, Material Management System, Nursing Management System, Electronic Medical Module, Human Resource Module, Research Statistics & Reporting Module, Clinical Trial Modules, Document Scanner etc. They are also providing customization according to the need of the customers.

Hope by now, you are clear on your requirements of a hospital management system…

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Thursday, May 3, 2018

Hospital Management Software

Tiatech Health Technologies Provide a new face for the healthcare field. They are famous for building reliable, cost-effective & result-oriented desktop and mobile applications for the hospital workflow management or patient history management for individual doctors or for an entire hospital.

Our most innovative products include
  • TiaCare
  • TiaMD Rapid Responz
  • TiaCoder
  • TiaMD NuMR

medical appointment scheduling app

TiaCare is a personal health portal for the user. This mobile app can be used to schedule appointment with doctors in different areas. This app is connected with the TiaMD NuMR portal in hospitals. While requesting an appointment, if the doctor has an appointment slot free, the responsible person in the hospital can confirm the appointment, thus reflecting in the TiaCare App. Here there is option to save personal health vitals by the patient himself. There is also option to upload medical records, medications, medication timings etc..There is a “My health” portal in the app, where you can save 5 emergency numbers. In the home screen of the app, there is a button for emergency call, In need of any emergency the user can click the button and a call will be redirected to the first saved number within seconds, if that number is busy, then it will be automatically redirected to the next number and so on. If the doctor add the patient records and medications in the TiaMD NuMR portal which is the hospital software, then it will be automatically reflected in the TiaCare app.

Telehealth and Telemedicine Systems

TiaMD Rapid Responz is a virtual telehealth portal designed by TiaTech. By using this app a patient can make an emergency call by clicking on the emergency button while needed. The emergency medical team will identify the location by tracking the call and they will broadcast the call to the on-call doctors. The patient is then connected to the telemedicine cart, where there is camera connected to the app and the web portal. Then the doctor examine the patient and also the patient images (ie, CT, MRI Scans). The doctor can prepare the notes and can records problem online. He can also provide orders for lab and radiology tests. The prescriptions and electronically sent to the pharmacy by the doctor. The medical providers then completes the billing encounters by checking the lab, radiology, pharmacy bills and other bills.

practice management software

TiaCoder is a Virtual Coder portal or app developed by TiaTech aiming for an individual doctor or care provider. It is actually a practice management software. By using this app or web portal, the medical providers can access the patient rounding lists and the doctor rounding details. The patient encounter can be created and reviewed by using this web portal. The medical providers can record these encounters and can send these to the billing section. These all are done electronically by using the TiaCoder mobile app or web portal.

hospital management system software

TiaMD NuMR is the most successful Virtual Clinic portal or application developed by TiaTech aiming at large hospitals or clinics. This application is an overall hospital workflow management software including the advantages of TiaCare, TiaMD Rapid Responz and TiaCoder. TiaMD NuMR consists of patient registration module, outpatient and inpatient management modules, pharmacy module, admission-discharge and transfer module, patient care module, appointment scheduling module, laboratory module, radiology module, emergency and casualty module, bed and ward management module, nursing management module, operating room module, cashier module, electronic medical module, interface modules, blood bank module, dietary module, human resource module, research statistics & reporting module, clinical trial modules etc..
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