Monday, January 7, 2019

Telemedicine System

Technological development made advancement in the medical and healthcare fields also. The best and the most innovative example of this advancement is the "Telemedicine cart" or telemedicine system. Although it is known by most of the healthcare professionals, some are unaware of the technology. So let's look at the same.

Do you know what is Telemedicine System?

Telemedicine system or telemedicine cart is an innovative ecosystem that uses information technology and telecommunication technology to provide healthcare.

Telemedicine Cart

How healthcare is provided using the Telemedicine System?

A telemedicine system will make it easy for both patients and the doctors to connect each other in a very effective way. Telemedicine cart has all the facilities like high definition camera, digital stethoscope, digital thermometer, pulse oximeter, blood pressure checker and many other peripherals. The cart can be handled by a medical assistant or even by an attender. It is portable and can be easily moved to the patient destination. The patient can be consulted by more than one doctors by using the cart. The doctor can connect with the patient and can check the health variables by using the connected peripherals. Medications and procedures are referred by the doctor using the application in the telemedicine cart. The main thing for the cart to work smoothly is the need of a high-speed wi-fi connection. In some cases, to connect with the patient immediately some HMS companies are providing mobile applications along with the telemedicine system. TiaTech is one such company that provides telemedicine software along with the mobile application.

Telemedicine System

Advantage of Telemedicine System developed by TiaTech :

  • Telemedicine system developed by TiaTech is controlled by a web application known as “TiaMD Rapid Responz” and “Rapid Responz” mobile application is also available.
  • This cart developed by TiaTech can be integrated with any hospital management system.
  • It consists of a PACS system. ie, picture archiving and communication system.
  • Cart is connected with multiple peripherals like
    • VISCA Supported PTZ Camera
    • Littman 3200 Stethoscope
    • AND Blood Pressure Monitor (BLE)
    • Nonin Pulse Oximeter (BLE)
    • AND Thermometer (BLE)
    • AND Weighing Machine (BLE)
  • Molding of the cart is possible according to the business requirement. ie, for connecting 
    • Hospitals to hospitals
    • Hospital to small clinics and vice versa
    • Patients to doctors and vice versa
    • Doctors to doctors

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