Thursday, July 25, 2019

Practice Management Software : TiaCoder

TiaCoder Software Solution for Medical Practice Management

Medical Practice Management Software

The TiaCoder application is the foundation of the TiaCoder suite. Every TiaCoder license is enabled with the core features listed below. Optional services are available to enhance the overall solution.

  • Hospital rounding / surgery list management 
  • Encounter capture (automated, barcode, image capture, manual entry) 
  • Multiple location configurations 
  • ICD-10 and CPT code database search, selection and favorites 
  • Intelligent coding (ICD-10 and CPT predictor) 
  • Note and image capture and storage 
  • Biller portal 
  • Dashboard analytics and reporting 
  • Mobile and desktop access 
  • e-Faxing 
  • Patient health record management

TiaCoder with Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Support Services

The TiaCoder suite of tools and services allows providers and practices to take control of the front-end revenue cycle process. Solutions are easily customized and scalable to support the specific process requirements and RCM-related strategies for groups of all sizes and specialties.

The TiaCoder RCM enhanced support services are ideal for hands-on providers looking for a tool to help easily capture and track encounters and who perform their own coding. Optional support services can be customized according to your specific requirements and business goals.

How can the TiaCoder suite help you?

PMS software

  • Reduces provider clerical interaction, enabling them to direct their focus on quality clinical interaction 
  • Identifies and captures missed billing opportunities 
  • Improves coding accuracy and optimizes reimbursement potential 
  • Provides billing teams with consolidated access to encounter details and supporting documentation 
  • Reduces A/R days and improve other key performance indicators 
  • Utilizes dashboards and drill-down reporting to identify strategic and operational initiatives 
  • Designed to accommodate all clinical workflows and provider types
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Friday, July 12, 2019

Personal Healthcare Portal

Patients are more probable today than in the past to look for consideration from various sources: their primary physician, the neighborhood care centers, clinics, and even on the web. They're likewise producing more healthcare data on their own, through wellness trackers or at-home gadgets like glucometers and pressure cuffs.

Personal Health Portals

Accordingly, patients need innovation that combines such data and enables them to access and share what they need, when they need it. Patients will search for doctors who give them the online experiences that they're utilized to and expect in different aspects of their lives.

Patient portals are intended to give that improved engagement and results—presently can't seem to convey on the guarantee. But that is relied upon to change within the coming decade as portals become progressively quiet focused on patients, ie,patient-centered .

Presently, specialists expect portals will move beyond the restricted usefulness they have today and change into an easy to understand innovation that put a patient's entire well-being history into one simple to-explore online gateway. TiaCare is one such highly customized and personalized health portals, one that aggregates data from different sources, that can contextualize the information, run investigation on it, and that can enable patients as they explore their well-being venture.


Friday, July 5, 2019

Benefits of a Comprehensive Hospital Management Software

Healthcare field is growing rapidly and so there is a high growth rate in terms of service provided. A central hospital management system works in bicycle with the various platforms like sales, billing, accounting,client care etc. to make a merging, integrated surroundings that produces results in real time.

Why use a comprehensive hospital management software?

  • Billing application to make sure correct and efficient billing with no delay
  • Maintain correct medical and different records and thus, facilitates documentation
  • Helps hospitals in maintaining transparency at each level of operation
  • It offers a multi-user facility that ensures that multiple users will access the hospital billing software package at a similar time 
  • Offers economical staff management and allocation of doctor software and staff duty.
Hospital management system software has become a necessary tool for hospital management. Hospital system permits healthcare establishments to manage their operation and serve patients better. Many of those hospital software work each as hosted application and desktop application. Some vendors conjointly permit some customization of the application suited to satisfy intrinsic needs of the client’s business. There are currently many such hospital management applications out there within the market. It's totally customization, web-based Electronic Health Records (EHRS).

Key Hospital Management Software Package Options :

CRM software package that helps agencies keeping track of their selling activities and sales through economical client database management, prospect management, pipeline management etc. Hospital software typically performs as a central info system to store real time information on outpatient, inpatient, doctor system, inventories, bed allocation and a lot of. As a user logs into the hospital system he/she can access all necessary details to offer higher service to a patient.

Nowadays most vendors offer totally configurable and customization software package tools that may be tweaked and upgraded to client’s specific business desires, i.e. new modules may be designed or changed to permit customers operate their businesses better through the software. These hospital management systems are designed to mix seamlessly with an existing set-up, which means these would integrate with the prevailing platform to make merging management surroundings.

This application is geared towards managing all aspects of hospital operation and has the distinct features as below

  • Manages availability of doctors and schedules appointment.
  • Staff management, leave management and allocation of duties.
  • Managing laboratory equipment and admissions
  • Managing ward and bed allocation
  • Inventory management with timely warning system for stock management
  • Accounting and proper billing
  • Lead management and appointment management functions
  • Multiple user accessibility for economical comprehensive performance

Benefits of Hospital Software and Potential Problems with Hospital Management System:

Health care may be a crucial service that desires handling tons of documents, papers, forms etc. In most parts of the world hospital, nursing homes and health care establishments are extremely regulated concerning documentation and management. Hospital management software may be a complete tool that manages all facts of administration, management in addition to marketing to permit them and doctor software to serve better.

  • The data is updated in real-time
  • Ensures knowledge security and prevents misuse of knowledge
  • Hospital software provides complete history on a patient concerning the past and current treatments being offered
  • Helps with documentation
  • Offers transparency and integration between totally different departments and guarantee smooth functioning of the hospital surroundings
  • As a merging platform, hospital management system integrates between totally different existing set-up
  • Reporting is another necessary feature of a management application. It produces varied sorts of accounting and different reports.

The necessary factor in choosing the right hospital software is to grasp and analyze internal business needs. There are applications that are appropriate to satisfy the needs of large as well as middle-level organizations, whereas some are smart for managing tiny organisation. Currently, there's a good deluge of hospital management software and similar tools. And hence, it's necessary to pick an honest hospital management software applicable for your complicated business needs.

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